Jim Ross Points Out Story He Thinks Has Been Overshadowed By WWE Survivor Series

Survivor Series WarGames was a monumental night for WWE that got the entire wrestling world talking due to the returns of both Randy Orton and CM Punk. While that was a positive for the company, Jim Ross believes the show overshadowed another big announcement in the business last week.

"Survivor Series was interesting," he said on "Grilling JR." "I think people have glossed over how important the Will Ospreay hire is, because he's really, really good folks ... God damn he's amazing ... He's really a unique hand."

Ospreay's contract with New Japan Pro-Wrestling is expiring next year, and WWE had also been interested in landing his signature, which is what made it such a big deal that Tony Khan was able to secure him. JR believes that stylistically he isn't like anybody else, and that is something that AEW fans have had glimpses of due to the forbidden door.

"He's a spectacular performer ... He's young enough to pull off things athletically and he's old enough to know when to draw the line because he can do anything," he said. "You don't want to do 18 hurricanranas in one match. He could if he wanted to. He's phenomenal."

Ospreay was a big part of AEW's All In event this year, competing against Chris Jericho in one of the featured matches of the night. However, next year he will be a contracted star, and JR sees no reason why he couldn't be in the main event spot for the AEW World Championship.

"If he gets over, if Will Ospreay gets over to the level that is expected of him and based on his amazing abilities, he could be [in] that spot where he's one win away from British immortality," JR said. "It's reminiscent back to Davey Boy [Smith] and Bret [Hart] in '92."

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