Why AEW's Jim Ross Calls CM Punk Return 'A Perfect Booking Decision' For WWE

Former AEW World Champion CM Punk returned to WWE at Survivor Series: War Games, much to the shock of the wrestling world. On the latest "Grilling JR," the AEW broadcaster and WWE Hall of Famer applauded WWE for capitalizing on Punk's ignoble departure from AEW.

"It was a perfect booking decision," JR said. "It was a great creative move...I guarantee you there are a lot of AEW fans that went to Survivor Series. They're wrestling fans. They don't have this brand bulls**t."JR is confused by so-called wrestling fans who put loyalty to a brand over their loyalty to wrestling itself. "I don't get it."

JR said CM Punk coming out at the end of Survivor Series was a great move by WWE Chief Content Officer Paul "Triple H" Levesque and wishes CM Punk the best in WWE, noting his disappointment that Punk and AEW didn't work out.

"He left and he was a great get, timely," JR gushed. "I love the surprise." JR believes that Punk's divisive, outspoken nature will be an asset for WWE heading into WrestleMania season and beyond.

Punk returned after the main event match on November 25, then returned to "WWE Raw" for the first time in nearly a decade on Monday, where the controversial superstar told fans that WWE was his "home." The deal between CM Punk and WWE reportedly came together very quickly. Punk is likely to feud with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins going forward, based on Rollins's outsized reaction to Punk's return.