WWE Smackdown Ratings Report 12/1/23

Last week was one to forget in regards to "WWE SmackDown" ratings after the show's preemption from Fox to FS1 saw it draw one of the lowest numbers in its history. But with "SmackDown" back in its normal time slot and Randy Orton's first appearance on the blue brand in over a year, last Friday's episode seemed poised for a bounce back.

Whether or not that happened depends on how you interpret the numbers. Wrestlenomics reports that Friday's "SmackDown" drew 2.044 million viewers and a 0.59 in the coveted 18-49 demo. While the numbers were well up from the FS1 numbers the week before, including 159% and 146% increases in total viewership and 18-49, respectively, the numbers were down from "SmackDown's" last show on Fox two weeks ago, which drew 2.206 million total viewers and a 0.62 in 18-49.

Despite the overall numbers possibly being a disappointment, WWE will likely be happy with the growth shown throughout the episode. "SmackDown" opened lower than usual, with just a little over two million total viewers and 734,000 viewers in 18-49. The show would reach the low point in that demo for QH2, drawing only 705,000 in 18-49, while total viewership would fall to its lowest in QH3, drawing only 1.920 million.

The show would steady itself after that, however, and in a rarity, would reach it's high point in the final quarter hour, which saw Randy Orton choose to sign with the "SmackDown" brand over "Raw." Orton's decision got over 2.320 million total viewers to tune in, as well as a whopping 941,000 viewers in 18-49.