Kevin Nash On Why WWE Star CM Punk Checks His Watch (Hint: Not Clobberin' Time)

CM Punk has returned to WWE, and while the former WWE Champion called the promotion "home," WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash isn't so sure that the "Second City Saint" will be any different in WWE than he was in AEW. 

"[He's checking his watch during his entrance] so he'll have it down to the minute when he gets fired," Nash joked on "Kliq This," jesting that Punk will want to be able to say exactly how long he worked for WWE during this tenure. The Hall of Famer added that he was surprised at Punk's return to his "home."

"I hope for the WWE and for Paul [Levesque] that it's successful as f**k and I hope for [Punk] it is," Nash said, noting he recently talked with fellow Kliq member Sean Waltman about how Punk's straight-edge lifestyle might make his dramatic professional life harder. "Life goes on and you keep getting in these situations, at times I'll bet he's looked in retrospect like, 'Well, that cost me $5 million,' and you're not smoking a little cannabis to f**king take the edge off or not have a glass of wine. I think it's very difficult."

Nash takes Levesque's word that Punk has grown and matured in ten years. But even if Punk thinks he's grown in the last ten years, he still got in an altercation with Jack Perry in AEW just months ago at All In in Wembley Stadium, which led to his termination from AEW, and clearly, the situation needs to be handled day by day.

"He still had an episode in AEW," Nash hedged. 

Punk's return to "WWE Raw" boosted ratings significantly, and he is now set to feature on "WWE SmackDown" this coming week.