Video: WWE Alum Dwayne Johnson Surprises 21 Make-A-Wish Kids At Universal Studios

Pro wrestling and the Make-A-Wish Foundation have always been closely connected, with top stars like John Cena having granted over 650 wishes in 21 years. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has also been heavily involved with the organization, including donating over $100,000 to them just last year. Recently, he set out to top that by granting not one, but many wishes all in one day.

"The Today Show" posted on X a 4-minute video detailing Johnson's meeting with 21 Make-A-Wish kids at Universal Studios Hollywood. Johnson would surprise all the kids, and their families, during the Universal Studios backlot tour, and proceeded to serve as the tour guide. All told Johnson would go well over the one hour he was supposed to spend with the kids and their families, ultimately spending 5 hours interacting with everyone. As Johnson explained to "Today's" Jacob Soboroff, Make-A-Wish has always been something dear to him, ever since his father, WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson, granted the first New Jersey Make-A-Wish in 1983.

"This little boy, Bobby, I'll never forget it, his last wish was to meet my dad," Johnson said. "It puts things into perspective for you right away." When asked why Johnson had put so much energy into his involvement with Make-A-Wish, when he could realistically work with any charity in the world, an emotional Johnson pointed to how helpful and meaningful moments like this were to those going through something difficult. "These are kids," Johnson said. "And the cards that they are dealt, they didn't ask for it, but they're playing these hands the best they can. These kids are so strong."