WWE Star R-Truth Says He's Close To Being A Part Of Judgment Day

With the recent addition of JD McDonagh, The Judgment Day expanded its core. But if R-Truth has his way, the group could soon have another member: him. Stopping by "The Bump" this week, Truth was asked about his appearance on "WWE Raw" this week; he was seen cheering the faction on at ringside and later eating in their clubhouse backstage. Truth shared just how he was able to get into the clubhouse without any issues.

"The door was unlocked," Truth said. "They're a very trusting group, and they're more humble than you think. I'm trying to hook it up ... I'm that close from being in the group. I'm that close."

While Jey Uso, also talking on "The Bump," believes Truth may already be in the group, the former 24/7 Champion isn't as convinced. He's also not picky, revealing that while he wants to be in The Judgment Day, he's more than happy to wait for the group to invite him in before he joins. "I'm just trying to get in where I fit in," Truth said.

One area Truth believes helps get him in with a group is via Mysterio, who he's known for a long time. Truth also has plans regarding McDonagh for when he might get to join the group.

"Lil' Dom when he was little — 'Dirty Dom' is what they call him — I've known him since he was little," Truth said. "[He and Lil Jimmy] they hung around each other all the time. It makes sense. And you know, JD, we've got to work on JD. Because his temper, it's not becoming."

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