AEW's Ethan Page Opens Up About The Scariest Moment Of His Career

Professional wrestling isn't a career for the faint of heart, with performers regularly putting themselves in precarious positions to entertain the public. Whether it's climbing to an extreme height or landing full-force onto a bed of sharp objects, fans regularly pay witness to new, over-the-top antics and stunts. Appearing on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," AEW star Ethan Page was asked about the scariest moment of his career thus far, and the 34-year-old recalled a particularly intense moment from his 2021 Coffin match against Darby Allin.

"That Coffin match was — I mean, I think it's still taking time off my career," Page said. "Yeah, that one was rough. That was easily the scariest moment of my career."

The match was the culmination of the feud between Page and Allin, and it came to a close with Allin pounding his skateboard onto Page's back, pushing him into the casket, and closing the lid. Not satisfied with the victory, Allin then climbed to the top of the turnbuckle and landed his finisher, the Coffin Drop, onto Page as he lay within the casket.

"The coffin's closed, the lid is shut, I have no clue what's happening," Page continued. "I'm alone in this box. No one's talking to me, it's not like I have something in my ear. ... And then here comes this body crashing through this box and he's landing right on my knees. I'm in the fetal position, which is not something you want to be in, just to be cramped in the box."

Since then, Page has been an on-again, off-again presence in AEW. While he's mostly been active in Ring of Honor as of late, Page is slated to take on Kenny Omega this Saturday on "AEW Collision." The episode was taped this past Tuesday in Montreal, Quebec, Canada — the home country of both men.

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