CM Punk Surprises Superfan Cora Jade Backstage At WWE NXT Deadline: 'I'm Proud Of You'

CM Punk has been making the rounds in WWE since returning to the company at Survivor Series: War Games. He's returned to "Raw," he's returned to "SmackDown," and now on Saturday he returned to "NXT." Punk helped "NXT" head honcho Shawn Michaels kick off NXT Deadline in Bridgeport, CT's Total Mortgage Arena, but Punk didn't just make the appearance and leave. The former AEW World Champion was backstage and even interrupted an interview.

Backstage at Deadline, former WWE Women's Tag Team Champion Cora Jade was being interviewed by Kelly Kincaid, after Jade made her return to "NXT" after roughly 4 months away from the ring, attacking WWE NXT Women's Champion Lyra Valkyria at the Premium Live Event. Punk could be seen in the background taking a selfie with Jade's interview in the background before Punk approached his fellow Chicagoan to congratulate her on her return.

"I'm proud of you. You should be very proud of yourself," Punk told Jade. "Often, I feel like I need to be stepping on the gas and I don't stop and smell the roses so you should do that. This is your house now. You should be very proud of yourself and [Punk's wife] April's proud of you too."

Jade was driven to tears by Punk's words, which Punk apologized for before hugging the young star. The two even posed for a selfie together afterward.

Jade had not been seen in NXT since a loss to Natalya in July, after which Jade cryptically tweeted "Bye."