John Cena Spotted Alongside AEW World Champion MJF At Iron Claw Film Premiere

Did the next wrestler-turned-movie star just cross paths with a current one? AEW World Champion MJF ran into WWE legend John Cena at the premiere of "Iron Claw" Monday night, and going by a video shared by Chris Van Vliet, it seems the two had a meaningful conversation after posing together for the cameras.

Later, MJF shared a photo of him and Cena on the red carpet, as seen below.

This was apparently not the first-ever interaction between Cena and MJF. As previously revealed by MJF, he and Cena "got along so well" when they met at a movie set a few years ago where he worked as an extra. MJF might have also had a run-in with the 16-time World Champion when he tried out for WWE's "Tough Enough" reality show in 2015. MJF previously referred to himself as "a generational talent" in the same vein as Cena, and also name-dropped him on "AEW Dynamite" last November. In other interviews, MJF has maintained that he grew up a huge Cena fan and that his room was adorned with Cena posters and merchandise. 

Besides MJF and Cena, other wrestling personalities who attended the "Iron Claw" premiere in Los Angeles include Liv Morgan, Baron Corbin, CJ Perry, Chavo Guerrero, Ryan Nemeth, Kevin Von Erich, and Lacey Von Erich. While MJF portrays the role of Lance Von Erich in the movie, Guerrero worked as a wrestling coordinator for the Von Erich biopic — a role he performed for other wrestling-related projects such as "GLOW" and "Young Rock." Meanwhile, Kevin and Lacey Von Erich were consulted on various aspects of their family's legacy before A24 began production of the movie. The role of Kevin — the only remaining member of the legendary Von Erichs from the '80s — is portrayed by Zac Efron.