Video: WWE's Dijak Has A Message For Fellow NXT Star Eddy Thorpe

One of the longest-running feuds currently active in WWE NXT is Eddy Thorpe vs. Dijak, with the two having been at one another's throats for almost half the year. Last night on "NXT," Thorpe and Dijak were meant to settle their differences in the ring, but the match lasted less than a minute before the referee called for a disqualification. The reason? Dijak's use of the turnbuckle as a weapon after the top rope snapped. Following the DQ, Dijak continued his assault, leaving Thorpe down and out.

In a brief WWE online exclusive posted shortly after "NXT," Dijak made it clear that he's still not finished with Thorpe. The "NXT" star showed off some damage to his head caused by Thorpe throwing him into the ring steps ahead of their match, and promised to stand tall over his opponent when all is said and done.

The animosity between Thorpe and Dijak dates back to the summer, when Dijak attacked Thorpe during a match, causing him to lose. That led to the first match between the performers on the August 1 edition of "NXT," which Dijak won. He then picked up another victory against Thorpe at the end of the month, but the two would eventually compete in a strap match on September 26. Thorpe came out on top that time around.

For some time, it seemed as though the rivalry between the two had settled down, but that changed this past Saturday. During the Iron Survivor Challenge at WWE NXT Deadline, Thorpe made an appearance, taking Dijak out of the match for some time and potentially costing him the victory. Because of that, the match was set for last night, though it's clear nothing was settled between the two.