Why WWE Hall Of Famer Jake The Snake Roberts Won't Watch The Iron Claw Movie

Only a week remains before the Von Erich biopic "The Iron Claw" finally hits theaters, and while early reviews on the film have been overwhelmingly positive, it's still been drawing mixed emotions from those in the wrestling business due to its tragic tale. Even Kevin Von Erich's sons, Marshall and Ross, have admitted the film will be a tough watch.

Then there's Jake "The Snake" Roberts, who lived through a lot of the tragedies the Von Erichs endured when he worked alongside Kevin, Kerry, David, and Mike in World Class Championship Wrestling during the 1980s. As such, when Roberts was asked if he would be watching "The Iron Claw" on the most recent episode of "The Snake Pit," he admitted that he was going to have to pass on that.

"No," Roberts said. "Too painful of a time for me. Kerry was a good friend of mine, Michael was alright, Kevin, he was a friend of mine. I just can't do it."

Roberts, who isn't expected to appear as a character in the upcoming film, was later asked about who he would like to see play him in a film one day. The answer was easy for Roberts, who picked someone he believes is aware of his life story, thanks to a documentary film made about Roberts' career and struggles.

"[Josh] Brolin," Roberts said. "I think that could work. Rumor has it he's heard about it [Roberts'] interest. Yeah, that's the rumor."

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