Former WWE Star Aron Stevens Explains How NWA Is Different To Other Companies

Aron Stevens — who previously performed in WWE as Damien Sandow — has been a member of the National Wrestling Alliance roster since 2019. During a recent interview with former ECW star Francine on her "Eyes Up Here" podcast, Stevens explained what the NWA is trying to do differently from other wrestling promotions.

"What we're trying to do at NWA is present the product in a way that not only will highlight the individual but is better for the fan to be emotionally invested in," Stevens said. "We're selling emotion, or at least we're trying to."

Compared to WWE and AEW, the NWA is presented with an old-school presentation, with episodes of "NWA Powerrr" being filmed at a sound studio — a throwback to the days when NWA and WCW aired on TBS in the '80s. Recently, the NWA caught some flak following a controversial angle that aired during the promotion's Samhain pay-per-view, where "Father" James Mitchell snorted cocaine at a private seating area. That spot, which was green-lit by NWA owner Billy Corgan, allegedly caused issues with the promotion's new broadcast partner, the CW Network, with the network opting to secure television rights for "WWE NXT" instead of "Powerrr," though the flagship NWA show is now featured on the CW App. 

AEW's Jeff Jarrett recently questioned how Mitchell's cocaine spot fit into the organization's storylines.

In the ring, one of the NWA's most recent high-profile stories involved EC3 ending Tyrus' controversial 288-day reign as NWA World Heavyweight Champion in a bullrope match at the promotion's 75th anniversary show. As per the stipulation, Tyrus was forced to retire from the ring following the loss. On the same night, Kenzie Page ended Kamille's 812-day run as the NWA World Women's Champion.

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