WWE Hall Of Famer Ted DiBiase Says This Popular Wrestler 'Couldn't Work Worth A Crap'

The Ultimate Warrior is among a handful of wrestlers in history to score a clean singles victory over Hulk Hogan, and one of only two men to beat "The Immortal One" at WrestleMania — The Rock being the other. Yet, the late Warrior rarely ever earned the validation of his peers, with many criticizing his limited in-ring ability and politicking backstage during the height of his popularity

Ted DiBiase is another wrestler who closely observed Warrior's meteoric rise and subsequent fall in the '90s, and is still baffled as to why Vince McMahon invested so heavily in the controversial James Hellwig.

On the latest "Everybody's God A Pod" podcast, DiBiase broached the subject of Warrior while recalling his rivalry with Tommy Rich, who, despite being NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, never jumped off the screen for having a massive physique like other top stars in the '80s. "In wrestling, there are a lot of great, big physiques — Ultimate Warrior had a tremendous body, but he couldn't work worth a crap," DiBiase said. "He had to be led around by his nose, and even then, he wasn't good. There's the difference ... someone like Tommy didn't have a great body, and I didn't have a massive body, either, but it's about what you can do in the ring and the story you tell — and how you tell it. And that's what comes across. Charisma — either you have it or you don't."

DiBiase previously made similar comments about WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg, another wrestler who was a proven box-office draw but did not truly earn the praise of his peers — in large part due to his limited in-ring skillset.