WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley Assesses Feud Between Seth Rollins & CM Punk

The feud between CM Punk and Seth Rollins took a big step forward earlier this week when the two men confronted one another on "WWE Raw." Rollins came out moments after Punk revealed his decision to sign with the red brand, and the former Shield member took issue with Punk referring to WWE as his home. As someone who knows both men, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley discussed the rivalry during an appearance on "The Bump," offering credence to the legitimacy of the issues between the two.

"[Punk] is hated with every fiber of Seth's being. That's a lot of fibers, brother," Foley said. "I remember getting a text from Punk when he left after the Rumble [in 2014] and he was upset. He and I were pretty close back then, and he said, 'I've realized the only way to really make it there and earn your respect is to go somewhere else and come back.'"

During his time away, Punk fought in the UFC and was taken to court by WWE over comments made regarding his time with the company, though the lawsuit was eventually settled. Punk returned to wrestling in 2021 by joining AEW, and spent two controversial years with the company before returning to WWE.

"He is going to raise people," Foley continued. "People are going to want to not only hang with him but, whether they realize it or not, impress him. And that's how levels get raised."

Foley believes that includes Rollins. It's clear that the two men have put aside any issues that might exist between them and are willing to work together, and Foley feels that working with Punk could drive Rollins to become even greater.

"I know Seth — Seth gets frustrated," Foley stated. "He believes, and I think rightfully so, that he's the best wrestler not only in WWE but around the globe. And I believe he has made that statement emphatically."