Mick Foley On Randy Orton's Return To WWE

WWE legend Mick Foley is pleased to see Randy Orton return to WWE at Survivor Series, and has stated that being on the sidelines must have been difficult for "The Viper."

Foley was a recent guest on WWE's "The Bump," where he mentioned how Orton has returned looking better than ever.

"A year-and-a-half on the shelf for a guy who loves WWE as much as he does could not have been easy. [He] Came back better than ever," declared Foley.

The hardcore legend reminisced about his feud with Randy Orton in 2004, which culminated in a match at Backlash, where Foley's Cactus Jack persona faced Orton, who was then the Intercontinental Champion.

"I was so flattered to hear that that match we had in 2004 was still his personal favorite. He's got a treasure trove of match classics, but there was something special about that night. He was a young talent on the precipice of greatness. I learned along the way that there's no one big break, it's a series of minor breaks. But, certainly, that feud got him off, started him up a path," said the Hall of Famer. "I loved to work with people who wanted to have great matches. I saw something in Randy, I really did. I'm glad that I made that suggestion because that 12-week period I spent working closely with Randy, I think that may have been the best 12-week period of my career."

The match between Orton and Foley was the sole singles match that the two had with each other, which featured a lot of brutality, with one spot including Orton landing onto thumbtacks. The 14-time world champion's return match at Survivor Series last month was less brutal, where he entered last in the WarGames match and helped his team to a win against The Judgment Day and Drew McIntyre.