Backstage Update On WWE Potentially Bringing Back Mandy Rose

Mandy Rose has been gone from WWE for a little bit over a year. During her year of absence from the company, WWE has seen the return of individuals such as CM Punk and Cody Rhodes, and some may wonder if the former "NXT" Women's Champion could follow suit and make an iconic comeback after being very publicly released.

The former Toxic Attraction stable leader and "NXT" Women's Champion was released from the company after it was revealed that she was selling exclusive content through Fantime. Still, there reportedly aren't any burnt bridges behind the scenes. According to Fight Fans, it seems that Rose's departure from the WWE was more business-related and less personal since Paul "Triple H" Levesque and Shawn Michaels reportedly still think very highly of the former Superstar.

Despite the lack of tension between the two parties, the report also confirmed that there are no immediate plans to bring Rose back to WWE. However, the company is reportedly open to her returning to the company if it makes sense for both parties.

Rose, however, has no intention to re-enter the ring in the foreseeable future, especially considering her Fantime and other exclusive content sites are extremely profitable for her. If Rose's exclusive content sites were the reason she was released from the company, then in order to return to WWE, she would likely need to cease her online operations. It seems that Rose is content with the financial yield she's making with her exclusive content, and a return for the former Toxic Attraction stable leader seems improbable.