Tully Blanchard Says Drinking With This WWE Legend Was 'Horrific'

The drinking stories of Andre The Giant are the stuff of legend, as numerous peers have recounted remarkable anecdotes of his extravagant and often humorous drinking escapades, and Tully Blanchard has narrated his drinking experience with the Hall of Famer.

On a recent appearance on "Wrestling Shoot Interviews," Blanchard recalled Andre offering him a drink early in the morning, which was something he wasn't used to.

"Probably the funniest drinking story that I ever had was, we were flying out of Chicago somewhere, and back in those days you could upgrade your ticket for 25 bucks and sit in first class. So I upgraded my ticket and we were on an 8 o'clock flight somewhere," Blanchard remembered. "And so I am sitting next to Andre at 8 o'clock in the morning, I'm tired, been up most of the night, I'm wanting to go to sleep, and he said, 'You drink with me?' I said, 'Andre, it's 8 in the morning. I can't drink at 8 in the morning.' And so he's drinking coffee and whatever they had to put in his coffee and he looked at me and he said, You drink with me,' so he ordered me a Bloody Mary and two Bloody Mary's later I am — it doesn't take a lot of liquor to get you going at 8 in the morning, and oh my gosh.

"And instead of [when we landed] going to the gym and my normal routine, I had to go to bed, it was horrible. Having to drink with Andre at 8:00 in the morning is probably my most horrific story."

Blanchard added that he never even tried to out-drink the late star. "Andre could out-drink anybody," said Blanchard.

Ric Flair, who himself has a reputation for consuming large quantities of alcohol, recently revealed that Andre once drank 106 beers in six hours.