Matt Cardona Details How He Feels About Not Being Asked To Return To WWE

Ever since Triple H took charge of WWE in August 2022, many wrestlers who had been let go from WWE during the Vince McMahon era have found their way back to the promotion. One notable exception, however, has been Matt Cardona, with the former GCW World Champion remaining a hot commodity on the independent circuit, even as his wife, Chelsea Green, has been one of the many brought back to WWE.

In an appearance on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," Cardona admitted that he was a bit irked seeing several others get another shot in WWE, especially those he felt weren't putting in nearly the amount of work he has.

"I mean, I'll be honest, when all those people got rehired, I was thinking 'Not me?'" Cardona said. "'The guy who has been doing everything? What was the prerequisite to getting re-signed, not doing anything?' Besides like Chelsea and The Good Brothers, and a handful of others, most people didn't do anything. But that's fine. Everyone has a different path, a different story."

Cardona did admit that being passed over had motivated him when Van Vliet asked if he had a chip on his shoulder, although Cardona was clear the motivation was less about proving WWE had made a mistake passing him over.

"I wouldn't say a chip, like a little crumb," Cardona said. "But listen, this isn't about proving people wrong. It's about proving myself right. My fans right. If I can convert some doubters and get some new fans along the way, so be it...But I can't have this goal of being the absolute best with like negativity driving it, if that makes sense."

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