WWE Raw Ratings Report, 12/18/2023

After ratings for last week's episode proved to be a bit down from expectations, even with quarter hours involving CM Punk doing big business, it seemed like "WWE Raw" was poised for a decline in viewership this week with Punk not on the show, and a big Philadelphia Eagles vs. Seattle Seahawks game going head to head. Instead, when it comes to the red brand's viewership, everything is looking up.

Wrestlenomics reports that last night's "Raw" drew 1.562 million total viewers, along with 0.47 in the all too important 18-49 demographic. As such, numbers were up across the board, especially in total viewers, which increased 7% from last week's 1.466. The increase wasn't quite as big for 18-49, which was up only 2% from last week's 0.46.

While Punk was the big mover in the quarter hours last week, this week belonged to none other than Becky Lynch and Nia Jax. The promo segment between the two was the high point for "Raw" in both total viewers and 18-49, drawing 1.715 million and a Satanic 666K 18-49 viewers for a 0.51 in QH3. Only QH1 would come close, with the opening segment drawing 1.692 million and 0.50 in 18-49.

As with most weeks, "Raw" was steady between hours 8-10, never drawing fewer than 1.533 million and 0.46, before falling in the final hour. The low point would occur in QH11, which drew 1.307 million, and 0.44 in 18-49. The numbers would rebound a tad for the close of the show, with the conclusion of Judgment Day vs. The Creed Brothers drawing 1.362 million and a strong 0.47.