Tony Khan Comments On Working With Von Erichs In AEW

AEW President Tony Khan has explained the reasons why he featured the Von Erichs on AEW and ROH recently, highlighting the recent movie as well as the place where recent ROH and AEW shows were held as the reason.

Marshall and Ross Von Erich, along with their father Kevin Von Erich, featured on ROH and AEW recently, and in the media scrum following ROH Final Battle, Khan delved into why he wanted them on his shows.

"Well, I was really interested in the Von Erichs and using them, and actually I think they had a representative, months ago, reach out to Sonjay, and Sonjay had called me and said, 'Would you have interest in the Von Erichs in Dallas?' And I said, 'Yes, absolutely.' I think the timing of 'The Iron Claw' would work out well for everybody, it would make sense and, you know, we have a presence in that movie. MJF is an executive producer on that movie and MJF and Ryan Nemeth are both in the film as actors, and we also have a partnership with Warner Brothers Discovery and they have a partnership with A24, so there's a lot of reasons why I thought the collaboration would make sense," explained the AEW CEO.

He added the most important reason he wanted the Von Erichs was that ROH Final Battle and "AEW Rampage" were being held in Texas, which Khan dubbed "Von Erich country." 

"But, first and foremost, the biggest reason is Dallas Metroplex is Von Erich country. This is their territory and when we came in here, when I saw them, the first thing I said to Kevin Von Erich is, 'Thank you for letting us do the show in your territory. I really appreciate it.' And it was really great working with Ross and Marshall these last few days," said Khan.

Khan said that he enjoyed working with the Von Erichs, and would love to use them on ROH/AEW television in the future.