Mike Rotunda Details How WWE Has Helped Bray Wyatt's Family Following His Death

Only four months have passed since the tragic death of Bray Wyatt, aka Windham Rotunda, and the impact of his passing has continued to have a profound effect on wrestling and especially Wyatt's family. That includes fiancee JoJo Offerman, Wyatt's four children, his two siblings, sister Mika and brother, former WWE star Bo Dallas, and his father, WWE Hall of Famer Mike Rotunda.

Naturally, Wyatt's untimely death was brought up when Rotunda appeared on "Wrasslin Talk with Mayor McCall" nearly a week ago. And to no one's surprise, Rotunda confirmed that the last few months without his son had been extremely difficult, though he credited WWE for doing all they could to assist Wyatt's family, particularly his children.

"It's been really hard," Rotunda said. "We miss him every day. Growing up in the business, you always book stuff during the week because you're going to be wrestling on the weekends and TV. Windham and Jojo were supposed to get married yesterday. We miss Windham horribly, every day. Windham was the first one and we would bring him on the road at six months old.

"They would come with me and stay on the road, wherever I was wrestling, and it's so hard to wake up out of this nightmare and he's still not there. I have to give WWE credit. They've done awesome helping our family out with a lot of different stuff. They put Windham on a legends contract and all the proceeds go to...Windham has four children. Luckily, we have them."

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