Bianca Belair Believes Losing This WWE Star To Injury Is A 'Huge Blow' To The Roster

WWE suffered a big loss earlier this month when Charlotte Flair suffered a major injury, likely to keep her out for most of 2024. Asked about the effect of Flair's injury on the rest of the roster during an interview with "ROAR Around The Ring," Belair expressed the impact of not having the veteran around.

"It is a huge blow," Belair said. "Charlotte Flair has been such a vital part of our women's roster. She's created so much history. ... With the accolades that she has, she's a legend, and it's really hard knowing that we've lost someone like Charlotte Flair right now for nine months."

Belair said that she has always looked up to Flair and would be ready for a "dream match" against her at any time. The two have wrestled numerous times before, but have had just three one-on-one bouts. Two of those ended in a disqualification. With Flair set to miss a significant amount of time, she and Belair won't be able to share the ring again any time soon.

"It does open up an opportunity for someone else," Belair continued. "That's just the way this business is."

The performer feels that the entire roster is working hard to earn their place at WWE WrestleMania, and there are only so many open positions on the card. Belair mentioned a few members of the women's division who she could see stepping up in the absence of Flair.

"Our roster is so deep, especially right now," Belair stated. "Especially on the 'SmackDown' side. I feel like we have ... Michin. I feel like she's stepping her game up. ... On the 'Raw' side, you have Raquel. I feel like she's been showing up and showing out lately. Zoey [Stark]. There [are] just so many women that can fill that spot."

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