AEW Star Thunder Rosa Weighs In On 'Bidding War' For MJF

AEW star Thunder Rosa believes it would be a big loss if AEW loses the services of MJF, stating that it will hit the locker room and the company hard if he goes to WWE.

MJF has spoken openly about his contract situation with AEW, reiterating once again recently that his contract with AEW will expire on January 1, 2024, and that he's not signed a deal with the company. He claimed that he loves AEW and is keen on staying in the promotion. The AEW World Champion's colleague, Thunder Rosa, discussed MJF's contract situation during her recent appearance on "Busted Open," where she praised his accomplishments and spoke glowingly about the respect she has for him.

"He has been a pivotal player in AEW since its inception. Losing someone like MJF would be very, very hard on the locker room and also AEW. This last year alone, the things that he's able to accomplish as a wrestler and individually as an athlete has been pretty amazing," said Rosa. "I honestly have a higher level of respect for MJF for everything he has done inside and outside the ring."

She added that "The Salt of the Earth" will likely choose the promotion that's going to be the best option for his career at this point.

"I think that he's going to do what's best for him, and if he's a company man, he'll stay loyal to AEW. But if he wants to make ... if he has other goals, that will be up to him. It will be a big, big hit if we lose him," stated Rosa.

While MJF has stated he has yet to sign a new deal, a recent report has indicated that he may have already signed a lengthy deal and that his referring to a "bidding war" between WWE and AEW for his services is part of a storyline.