WWE's Seth Rollins To Drew McIntyre: May The Best Man Win, 'Even Though You're A Jerk'

It was a renaissance year for Seth Rollins, who after struggling some in 2022 found himself a world champion again in 2023, becoming the first-ever WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Rollins has held onto the title since then and will look to start 2024 at "WWE Raw: Day One" by retaining the title against Drew McIntyre. McIntyre himself has gone through changes, transforming from a beloved hero into a bitter villain, upset at being unable to regain a World Title, and the general acceptance of Jey Uso, a man who helped cost him the Undisputed WWE Universal Title at WWE Clash at the Castle.

Last night on "WWE Raw" Rollins spoke about the upcoming match between him and McIntyre, with the clip being posted on X shortly thereafter. And surprisingly, Rollins wasn't dismissive of McIntyre's gripes, even going as far as to say that he understood where the former WWE Champion was coming from, and his aggressive approach since adopting his new attitude.

Even still, Rollins is dubious of this version of McIntyre being able to defeat him in a match, with Rollins declaring he was operating on a whole other level as champion. Regardless, Rollins stated that he hoped that the two would bring out the best in each other when they collided, even as he referred to McIntyre as a "jerk," and closed by saying "may the best man win" this Monday night.

At least so far, Rollins has been correct in being skeptical of McIntyre beating him. The two previously faced off for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at Crown Jewel in October, with Rollins retaining the title. McIntyre has since claimed the loss was due to him showing compassion to Rollins, something he has vowed not to do again in a rematch.