Kevin Von Erich On The Hazards Of Pro Wrestling Making You 'Bigger Than Life'

As the last surviving son of Fritz Von Erich and being a performer himself with a prestigious career, Kevin Von Erich is a living legend but he unfortunately had to endure years of tragedy. During a recent appearance on "Talk is Jericho," the veteran discussed the pitfalls of pro wrestling and how he managed to avoid falling into any of the bad habits his peers had.

According to Von Erich, the allure of the camera can have quite the effect on a man, especially when it tells him that he's larger than life. "You gotta realize, [if] someone aims a TV camera at you and makes you bigger than life, but you gotta be careful not to believe that stuff," he said. "You're just a man, but everyone wants to be your friend. You can have anything. And just wanting it, someone will find out and give it to you." Additionally, he advised caution while in the industry, since it becomes "dangerous" when getting everything you want becomes too easy.

Ultimately, Von Erich claims he looked at wrestling as a business and that his loving family kept him going, which he also credited as the reason why he never signed with the WWF. He also suggested that the lack of this could have been why his late brother, Kerry Von Erich, went on the dark path that he did. "I just wanted a check because I was buying commercial and residential real estate throughout all that, so I had a little something else to go to and Kerry didn't have that. I had my family — a loving family."

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