WWE HOFer Discusses Legacy Of The Von Erichs In Pro Wrestling

Among the biggest stories in wrestling over the past few weeks has been the impending release of the film "The Iron Claw." The movie, which focuses on the Von Erich Family, is set to release this weekend and has drawn praise from critics, particularly for its performances. But while the film is hotly anticipated, there is also some trepidation from some in wrestling, largely due to the tragedy surrounding the family due to the deaths of David, Mike, Kris, and Kerry Von Erich in the 80s and 90s.

Jake Roberts was someone who experienced some of the tragedy firsthand, having worked alongside some of the brothers in World Class Championship Wrestling during the 80s. He's also one of the wrestlers not looking forward to "The Iron Claw," previously stating he wouldn't see the film. On the latest episode of "The Snake Pit," Roberts was asked about the Von Erich's again and sadly admitted that the tragedy surrounding them would be their enduring legacy.

"I don't know how it couldn't be their legacy," Roberts said. "To lose three sons, all suicides..."

Roberts recently crossed paths with the Von Erich Family again, after Kevin Von Erich, alongside sons Marshall and Ross, made appearances in both AEW and Ring of Honor last weekend when the promotions ran through Texas. Roberts was asked whether the sons had a place in pro wrestling and was very mixed overall.

"I think there's a place if somebody wants to use them," Roberts said. "But it'll never be what it was."

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