AEW Worlds End 2023 Predictions: Wrestling Inc. Picks The Winners

All Elite Wrestling will roll into the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York, for Worlds End this Saturday, and it promises to be an exciting night of action. Titles will be contested for, grudges will be settled, and fans will hopefully get to see some big payoffs to long-running storylines.

This week's "AEW Dynamite" revealed that Samoa Joe made a deal with The Devil to get the upper hand on MJF ahead of their World Championship match at the pay-per-view. However, will it be enough for Joe to dethrone the longest-reigning World Champion in AEW history? More importantly, will the identity of the mysterious Devil who's been tormenting MJF for months actually be revealed?

Elsewhere, AEW's first-ever Continental Classic Champion will be crowned as Eddie Kingston takes on Jon Moxley for the prize. Kingston has yet to beat the Blackpool Combat Club member in singles competition, and Moxley is arguably the most protected wrestler in the company. Will Moxley's run of dominance continue, or will his long-time frenemy overcome the odds?

As is always the case with AEW pay-per-views, plenty of matches are scheduled for Worlds End. Moreover, Wrestling Inc.'s writers and editors have all voted to determine the favorites to win all of them. Our predictions are based on our team's majority votes, and with that in mind, here are the results.

Miro Vs. Andrade: Miro 67%

Miro is here and then he's not. The AEW powerhouse has had a stop-start momentum throughout his career and now he's back on TV and has been a dominant force. The former AEW TNT Champion has spurned his wife CJ Perry, leading her to recruit Andrade for her managerial services and now the two men are set to face at AEW World's End. Miro seems like a personality tailor-made for wrestling and his lack of momentum since his TNT Championship reign has been the talk of not only wrestling fans but Miro himself.

While Andrade is coming off a tough loss in the AEW Continental Classic, coming within inches of winning the Blue League side of the tournament, 67% of the Wrestling Inc. staff believe that Miro should dominate the former WWE NXT Champion and continue his winning ways, possibly even leading to the TNT or even AEW World Title. Anything is possible, but the match could be just as unpredictable as the next chapter in the soap opera in which CJ Perry and Miro have been mired.

Swerve Strickland vs. Keith Lee: Swerve Strickland (100%)

Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland have been feuding on and off since the dissolution of their tag team. Lee now wants to settle their beef once and for all, and his former friend is more than happy to oblige that request. However, a victory doesn't look promising for Lee, and the fans will undoubtedly be rooting against the babyface on this occasion.

Strickland is on fire at the moment. The fact he isn't in the Continental Classic final has frustrated some vocal members of the AEW fan base. He was getting cheers during his feud with Adam Page, even though he broke into the beloved cowboy's house and cut an unsettling promo next to his baby's crib. You know a wrestler is over when he gets cheered following a home invasion.

AEW has lightning in a bottle with Strickland, and it seems like only a matter of time before he's challenging for the World Championship. His current buzz is undeniable, and Tony Khan would be foolish to book a losing outcome for the rising star.

Written by Kieran Fisher

8-Man Tag: Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Sting and Darby Allin (93%)

This is the most randomly thrown-together match for Worlds End, but unfortunate circumstances made it that way. Originally, Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho were supposed to team up to face Big Bill and Ricky Starks for the AEW World Tag Team Championships; however, the former will now be out of action indefinitely with diverticulitis. Sammy Guevara will presumably fill in as Omega's replacement following the pay-per-view, and a victory this Saturday would give Le Sex Gods a viable reason to challenge for the gold down the line.

Additionally, the involvement of Sting suggests that the Don Callis Family and the AEW Tag Team Champions won't walk away with a victory. "The Icon" is enjoying his final run before he retires in early 2024, and having him on the losing side in what will be one of his final matches isn't the feel-good booking that a legend's farewell run requires. The heels stand a small chance of winning, and they could all use the rub at the moment. However, it probably won't happen at Worlds End.

Written by Kieran Fisher

FTW Championship: HOOK (87%)

The excitement for a champion vs. champion match should be off the charts but this one doesn't feel much like that on account of belts out the wazoo for AEW/ROH. That said, this one has the potential to be pretty solid. FTW rules dictate as much. With 87% of our punditry precincts predicting HOOK to retain, however, it seems like the ECW blood in Taz's offspring does enough for the majority of us to write of Wheeler Yuta right from the start.

Could this be a kickstart for HOOK, in that a win over Yuta to retain his (kind of sort of made up) title might justify him then coming back after Yuta for his Ring of Honor Pure Championship somewhere down the road? Maybe. That would make sense for a longer term story here. The feeling here is that the gimmick element of an FTW Rules match will be what stands out in the end, with two young stars looking to steal the show come hell or high water, even if it is on what amounts to a preshow.

So think tables, think chairs, think glass (real or otherwise) and think this one will deliver to effectively start off yet another loaded AEW pay-per-view. Do Yuta's comrades from the Blackpool Combat Club get involved? That seems unlikely, despite the match's gimmick, and if only because that would stack the deck against HOOK, who we clearly think comes away as the victor here.

Written by Jon Jordan

AEW TBS Championship: Julia Hart (100%)

Julia Hart of the House of Black just captured her first-ever wrestling championship last month, defeating Kris Statlander and Skye Blue at AEW Full Gear to win the TBS Championship. Though her upcoming challenger Abadon might be intimidating, it's too early and Hart has too much momentum to lose the title now. The Wrestling Inc. staff unanimously believes that Hart will retain on Saturday night against AEW's "Living Dead Girl."

While Abadon has had some allies in her corner lately, most notably a returning Thunder Rosa, it's difficult to offset Hart's advantages. Not only does she have the full support of the House of Black, but she seems to have gained a new ally in Blue. Hart's former rival has embraced her darker side in recent weeks and has been helping the TBS Champion. It remains to be seen if Blue can truly be trusted, but for now, Hart has plenty of help on her side.

Since making her return around Halloween, Abadon has wrestled performers like Hikaru Shida, Trish Adora, and Kiera Hogan, with solid showings each time around despite mostly short matches. Additionally, she and Rosa defeated Hart and Blue in a tag match on last week's "AEW Collision." Despite having some momentum of her own, it just doesn't seem likely that Abadon will be the one to end Hart's burgeoning title run.

Written by Nick Miller

AEW TNT Championship: Adam Copeland (67%)

No telling where this feud is headed other than, surely, it's nowhere near over, and that it will almost certainly rule. These two are too good, then, now, and forever, with too much chemistry and pride for it not to be. But we're leaning on the side of The Rated-R Superstar, Adam Copeland, to garner his first bit of AEW gold at the expense of his longtime friend, Christian Cage.

The other near-certainty here is that this one will probably get plenty of time, plenty of outside involvement, and plenty of false finishes, as Copeland and Cage know how to hook an audience early, put them on the edge of their seats and keep them there throughout. Ultimately, we see things going Copeland's way, which is only good news for a TNT Championship that has reached highs with Cage it hasn't seen since the late Brodie Lee, if ever. The former Edge has plenty of clout to continue to make this title matter more so, even, than Cage can at this point. And the latter will be fine, as his work of late is about as good as he's ever done in his career.

From there, who knows? Likely a third bout between the former E&C to close out the rivalry and then you'd have to think pairing up at some point is still in the cards. Maybe the seeds for that start to be planted at World's End already? Maybe not ... but again, we have to know that it's coming.

Written by Jon Jordan

AEW Women's World Championship: Toni Storm (100%)

Toni Storm is not only "Timeless" but she's very popular with the Wrestling Inc. staff, 100% of whom believe that Storm will defeat Riho on Saturday and bring her "classic movie character gone mad" character into 2024. Riho is one of AEW's best and the match is sure to be sensational, but Storm is simply the woman of the moment. With her biggest fan, Mariah May, set to debut on the first "Dynamite" of 2024, there's no question that Storm and her cadre of Turner Classic Movies faithful deserve to stay in the spotlight just a few months longer.

Storm has managed to blend sports and entertainment in a way little of AEW has been able to, and it would be a shame to snuff out such a bright flame so soon. Riho will likely put up a hell of a fight but Storm is a star for a reason.

Written by Ross Berman

AEW Continental Classic: Eddie Kingston (87%)

This past Wednesday on "AEW Dynamite," Eddie Kingston overcame the odds, defeating Bryan Danielson to win the Gold League of the inaugural Continental Classic tournament. Earlier in the night, Kingston's longtime ally Jon Moxley won a three-way match to advance to the finals on the Blue League's side, leading to a match between the two friends at AEW Worlds End.

Based on history, Moxley is hard to pick against. The man has only been pinned clean a handful of times in AEW, and one of the tenets of the Continental Classic is no outside interference. However, at this point, it feels like Kingston's tournament to win.

It was Kingston who put his two championships on the line, with AEW CEO Tony Khan announcing that the ROH World Championship and NJPW STRONG Openweight Championship will merge to become the Continental Championship, a title defended across AEW, ROH, and NJPW, as well as in the Continental Classic each year. Coming into the tournament, two titles in that future Triple Crown belonged to Kingston, and the veteran has made it very clear he's eager to win the new championship.

Saturday's match between Kingston and Moxley will undoubtedly be a battle. However, Kingston has so much more to lose, and his passion for the style of wrestling popularized by All Japan Pro Wrestling makes him a very strong candidate to win the first Continental Classic.

Written by Nick Miller

AEW World Championship: Samoa Joe (73%)

At this stage of his career, Samoa Joe could easily be used as a credible utility man who puts over rising stars. That's been his role in AEW to some degree until now, as evidenced by him doing the job for Wardlow at AEW Revolution. However, he's also coming off the back of the longest-reigning ROH World Television Championship run in the company's history, and he's been booked very dominantly these past few months. He's World Championship-worthy.

However, external factors are why he seems most likely to win the AEW World Title. The first factor is the uncertain nature of MJF's future with the promotion. MJF recently claimed that his contract will expire on January 1, 2024, so there's no way Tony Khan will risk him joining the competition as the champ if that's indeed the case. Secondly, MJF has been working through an injury and might need some time off. As such, Worlds End might be the best time to drop the gold and heal up.

It makes sense from a storytelling perspective, too. MJF is heading into the match after receiving a beatdown on "Dynamite," while Joe is healthy and firing on all cylinders. Additionally, the Devil and his henchman might get involved, and Tony Khan has teased that their identities will be revealed on Saturday. That's a perfect way to cost MJF and set up his next feud, assuming that he stays with AEW.

Written by Kieran Fisher