AEW Removes MJF From Its Roster Page

AEW has removed former AEW World Champion MJF from the roster page on their official website.

"The Salt of the Earth's" contract with Tony Khan's promotion expires on January 1, 2024, which is possibly the reason why he was removed from the roster page. While MJF has stated time and again that his contract will expire on January 1,  touting himself as the "hottest free agent" in pro wrestling, some believe that it's all a work. A recent report by "Haus of Wrestling" claimed that a high-up WWE official had told them that the 27-year-old had signed a deal last year before his return, and the "bidding war" that MJF has constantly stated is all part of an angle.

Following the AEW Worlds End pay-per-view, AEW CEO Tony Khan commended MJF's contribution to the promotion and added that the former Dynamite Diamond Ring winner has a job for life in AEW.

After losing to Samoa Joe at the Worlds End pay-per-view on December 30, reports stated that the New York native is likely to take some time off to heal the injuries that he's been carrying. His defeat to Joe meant that the longest reign as AEW World Champion came to an end, lasting 406 days. The Worlds End show also revealed the identity of The Devil, who turned out to be MJF's former tag team partner, Adam Cole.

MJF recently stated that he loves AEW, but asserted that his contract expiry was a time for him to assess his pro wrestling future.