WWE Hall Of Famer Rob Van Dam Says This Former Champ 'Changed The Whole Playing Field'

Mercedes Mone is quite possibly wrestling's biggest free agent at the moment, with the former WWE star likely approaching a return to the ring soon. As of now, it's unclear where Mone will end up, but she's a performer who is highly praised across the industry. That includes WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam, who recently discussed Mone on his podcast, "1 Of A Kind."

"I think [Mercedes Mone is] awesome," RVD said. "Super nice, when I talk to her. ... I was a fan of hers when I just watched her work. She was one of the frontline women [who], in my mind, helped change the whole playing field."

Van Dam recently discussed the stark differences between women's wrestling today versus when he was just getting started in the business. The WWE Hall of Famer feels that Mone, during her time as Sasha Banks in WWE, is one of the most important figures responsible for modernizing women's wrestling.

"It changed to where it's competitive," Van Dam continued. "[Women's wrestling] can compete with the men's on whatever you judge a match by, you know what I mean?"

According to the former WWE star, Mone was among the first to start changing the style. She and her contemporaries began having matches that tore the roof down, helping elevate their craft to a new level.

Mone departed WWE in the spring of 2022 alongside her tag team partner Naomi, walking out of a "WWE Raw" taping shortly before the show began. While Naomi would make her way to Impact Wrestling, Banks decided to travel to Japan, debuting for NJPW/Stardom last January. After a stretch of dates with those promotions, Mone injured her ankle and has yet to make her comeback.

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