Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer Debate AEW's Execution Of Surprises

As expected, 2024 has already been a massive year for wrestling free agency, despite only being three days old. Arguably the biggest name on the market so far has been Mercedes Mone, with many speculating that the former WWE and IWGP Women's Champion is AEW bound after talks between the two sides have continued, while talks between Mone and WWE stalled. This has led to a discussion on how Mone could debut within AEW, and whether the promotion should announce her signing, or bring her in as a surprise.

That discussion made its way over to "Busted Open Radio," on Wednesday. And in the opinion of Bully Ray, AEW would be smarter to announce her signing ahead of time, as the WWE and TNA Hall of Famer feels they've gone to the surprise well too much.

"I don't think AEW's in a position to do surprises anymore," Bully said. "I think they jumped the shark a long time ago with any kind of surprise, especially when it comes to former WWE talent. Whether it's the actual surprise, whether it's what they do to surprise...if I have a name like Mercedes Mone coming to AEW, I want to take full advantage of her from the very first second she steps through a curtain."

Co-host Tommy Dreamer disagreed with Bully's statement, believing that AEW surprises had worked in the past and that either method could work should they land Mone. Nevertheless, Bully held firm in his position.

"To me, she's a big star in the world of wrestling," Bully said. "Everyone wants to know where she's going to land. If you have her in your back pocket, I would announce her. That's just my opinion."

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