Grayson Waller Discusses His Successful Transition From WWE NXT To The Main Roster

The 2023 WWE Draft saw a handful of "NXT" talent called up to the main roster, with current "SmackDown" superstar Grayson Waller being among those names. While speaking with Brad Gilmore on "The Collection," Waller reflected on making the move up to the main roster.

"Yeah, honestly, I did feel ready with whatever it was to come. You know, if it was to stay in 'NXT' for a few months," Waller said. "There's a lot of talent down there that I could've worked with, but I felt ready to go and felt like I had kind of done my time in 'NXT.'"

Although Waller was called up in April, he didn't make his in-ring debut until much later in July as the result of a broken leg. While the Australian was unable to compete when he was initially moved up, he was still featured on-screen as the host of his talk show, "The Grayson Waller Effect."

"Having it as how I debuted on the main roster too was a little bit daunting in a way because you're not debuting in a match, you're not debuting with these hype packages, all these types of things," Waller said.

Waller emphasized how his time in "NXT" helped prepare him for his call-up, explaining that working on the brand provided opportunities to demonstrate that he could be trusted in his matches.

"I think they did put a lot of trust in me. Having my first match being Edge in Madison Square Garden, that's kind of wild," said Waller. "I think all the times that they've put that trust in me, I've earned it."

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