Swerve Strickland Calls AEW Opponent A 'Freak Of Nature'

Many fans agree that one of the most exciting wrestling feuds of 2023 was between AEW's Swerve Strickland and "Hangman" Adam Page. Based on the most recent episode of "AEW Dynamite" coming to a close with Page confronting Strickland once again, it seems the two will renew their feud in the wake of the Continental Classic. Speaking on an episode of "Swerve City Podcast," Strickland spoke about what sets his rival apart as a wrestler.

"[Page] is another freak of nature that we don't give enough credit to," Strickland said while discussing their match from AEW Full Gear last November. "He's just a hoss of a man, and he's agile as hell for how big he is, how smooth he is. He has a motor on him."

In addition to Page's athleticism, Strickland complimented his ability to stay in touch with his emotions and the way he brings that side of his real-life personality to his onscreen character. The former AEW World Champion has previously been involved in storylines dealing with mental health struggles, addiction issues, and more, and Strickland believes Page added some extra depth to their Full Gear bout.

"I felt like you got both sides of that in that match," Strickland continued. "Which is very hard to do when you're bleeding all over the place."

Strickland pointed out that everything in wrestling becomes more difficult and anxiety-ridden when someone is out there performing and they realize that they're covered in their own blood. Even in contact sports like football or hockey, the event will come to a stop so officials can take care of injured or bleeding competitors. That's not the case in wrestling, and Strickland gave credit to Page for keeping them safe during the brutal match.

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