CM Punk On How WWE Survivor Series Return Was Kept Secret: 'You Don't Leak Stuff'

WWE star CM Punk has detailed how his return to WWE came together quickly, and why he needed to keep it a secret.

"The Best in the World" was a recent guest on Peacock's WWE 2024 Preview Special, where he revealed that not many people knew about his surprising return to the company, with him withholding the information to even his family. He stated that keeping it a secret ensured that it became a "magical moment."

"Everything happened that day so fast," recalled Punk. "You should never text and drive, ladies and gentlemen. I was trying to drive to the Allstate Arena and let everybody that deserved to know that was in my orbit know what was about to happen. I'm texting my sisters. Nobody knew. That's how you get things done in this business. You keep things close to the vest. You don't leak stuff. That's when the magic happens. It was a magical moment." 

The former AEW World Champion remembered the range of emotions he went through when he entered the arena. Punk also stated that all his anxieties were brushed aside once he heard his theme song, and was blown away by the reception he got from his hometown crowd, calling it a "magic moment."

"There were so many things going through my head. The nerves, people I hadn't seen in ten years. I had questions, concerns, maybe even worries. It was all solved the instant the song hit and I walked out in front of my hometown. I couldn't hear the song anymore. I didn't know my cues. All of it went out the window, I couldn't hear the song, I could only hear the people. It was a magic moment."

Punk made a shocking return at last year's Survivor Series show, appearing in front of a rabid Chicago crowd following the WarGames match, and is set to wrestle for the first time on WWE television at this month's Royal Rumble show.