Booker T Gives Props To WWE SmackDown GM Nick Aldis

Nick Aldis has taken a fearless approach to his role as "WWE SmackDown" General Manager, proving that he is not afraid to deliver some stiff consequences to talent who do not adhere to the boundaries that he has set in place. Over the last few weeks, Aldis has come into the path of Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Despite Reigns' status as "The Head of the Table," Aldis remains undeterred in his mission to keep all of the blue brand stars in line, recently declaring that Reigns will defend his title in a four-way match at the 2024 Royal Rumble after The Bloodline interrupted last week's triple threat number one contenders match.

On a recent episode of "The Hall of Fame" podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T provided his assessment of Aldis' General Manager run so far. "I know people gave me a lot of flak when I said Nick Aldis was past his prime [in 2022]. I said that as far as his wrestling prime, because at that time, I think he was 36. I think most people have passed their prime at 36. That's just fact, but I [was asked], is there a spot in WWE for Nick Aldis? I said 'Hell yeah.' I said this guy's talented. He's been around the world. I said Nick Aldis' name will get there before he does. You know who Nick Aldis is immediately if you're anywhere in the wrestling world. So him getting that job, stepping up to the plate, taking that job, and really managing that job, and doing it the way he's done it, I give him big props," Booker said. "Nick Aldis has a spot in the WWE, and now, he's doing a hell of a job."

Prior to signing with WWE last year, Aldis had believed, and accepted, the reality that he might have never been a part of WWE. When presented with the opportunity to be a WWE backstage producer and an on-screen General Manager, though, Aldis eagerly jumped on it.

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