WWE's CM Punk On Why Seth Rollins Hates Him: 'He Hasn't Been Everywhere I've Been'

WWE star CM Punk has opened up about the animosity between him and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, and the reason why Rollins hates him. 

Punk was recently interviewed by WWE backstage interviewer Jackie Redmond for the NHL's YouTube channel, where she asked "The Best in the World" about Rollins' dislike of him. Punk believes that Rollins may be a little jealous of his achievements and has also alluded to the idea that their conflicts arise from their similarities.

"Because I have been everywhere he has been, and he hasn't been everywhere I've been," said Punk about Rollins' hate for him. "We're probably too similar, [that's] honestly the biggest thing that I can think of. We're very similar, but the difference is, I can talk about my career and not have to mention him, but he cannot talk about his career without mentioning me. I understand where he's coming from."

Rollins, much like Punk, came through the indies, with both wrestling in ROH before making the switch to WWE. The WWE World Heavyweight Champion was brought to the main roster in storyline by Punk, who used Rollins and the other two members of The Shield — Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose — to attack Punk's rivals.

Punk also added that he has always tried to show Rollins respect and treat him as an equal, even though Rollins may feel he's been treated like a "little brother" in their relationship.

"I think he's always felt like he's the little brother. I've never tried to treat him that way, I always tried to treat him like a peer, but some people you can't reach."

Prior to Punk returning to WWE, Rollins publicly called him a "cancer" and told him not to come back to the company. Following Punk's return, the two came face-to-face for the first time on the December 11 edition of "WWE Raw," where Punk confirmed that he had signed with the red brand.