Tommy Dreamer Assesses Young Bucks As Opponents For Sting's AEW Retirement Match

On "AEW Dynamite: Homecoming," The Young Bucks made their return to AEW during Sting's interview surrounding an opponent for his retirement match. Since then, many have speculated that the Bucks will be Sting's final opponents, and on "Busted Open Radio," Tommy Dreamer gave his take on this potential clash. According to Dreamer, he would love to instead see Sting go out in a singles match, but doesn't know if the roster is up to the challenge.

"I feel that if you had a younger talent to do that, yes, to make Sting great. But Sting has to get into a feud with somebody, real quick." Despite this, Dreamer still noted that he wishes he could have seen "The Icon" clash with Ric Flair. "In a perfect world, the final match for Sting is Ric Flair, but that's not happening." Continuing, Dreamer noted that a clash with the Bucks sounds like a good match on paper, but still advocated for Sting's final match to be a one-on-one bout. "I'd love to see him have one last singles match, I do feel he could have one great last singles match. But then I would have to say, who would it be? When you're saying goodbye in the fashion that Sting is saying goodbye, surely you'd want to have one last singles match?"

Dreamer also praised the Bucks' return and their new look and went on to exclaim how he loves their matches and their finisher. "I know that might sound crazed coming from me, but I've also worked them and I'm a big fan of the Superkick Party." Additionally, he pointed out how integral they were to starting AEW by taking a chance with Tony Khan. Lastly, Dreamer noted that if he were in the AEW locker room, he'd beg Sting and Khan to have him retire "The Icon" and that he'd do anything they wanted in the match, even take a Military Press off the stage.

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