WWE Star Bayley Sounds Off About Tony Khan/Jinder Mahal Social Media Scrap

"WWE SmackDown" star Bayley has addressed the recent social media war of words started by AEW CEO Tony Khan regarding Jinder Mahal, the next challenger for Seth Rollins' World Heavyweight Championship. Last week, Khan, who is focused on win-loss records within his own company, went on an X tirade regarding Mahal getting a title opportunity, even though he had a poor record. He compared it to backlash toward his own booking of HOOK challenging Samoa Joe for the AEW World Championship. Many talents, including Mahal himself, responded to Khan's claims. Bayley recently appeared on "Gabby AF" and was asked about the scrap. She said she loves Mahal, and thinks "wrestling is the coolest and the funniest." She said the best thing about social media and wrestling fans, is that they love giving their opinion.

"So for me, it's entertaining to watch, and it's also awesome to see people care this much about wrestling, or care this much that it makes you want to tune in," Bayley explained. "Like, if you're not a WWE fan, like 'Well now I kind of want to see what they're going to do.' Right? Like if you're not a fan of watching 'Dynamite,' you kind of want to tune in to see 'Are they going to like, do something back?' It just makes it fun and I think that's what we're all here to do and it just makes more money, and Jinder loves money."

Both Mahal and HOOK will challenge for the respective championships next week. Mahal will take on Rollins on "WWE Raw" and HOOK is set for his challenge on "AEW Dynamite," after telling Joe to be ready to fight last Wednesday during AEW's Homecoming show. Mahal received his opportunity in an angle on "Raw" in a heated exchange with Rollins, following a segment with The Rock.