Seth Rollins Retains World Heavyweight Championship On WWE Raw

Much was made last week about Jinder Mahal getting an opportunity to challenge Seth "Freakin'" Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and ultimately, Jinder was hindered after all, despite plenty of distractions for Rollins, who retained with a Stomp in a competitive match on tonight's "WWE Raw."

Last week's exchange between Mahal and Rollins that led to this bout was just that, between Mahal and Rollins, and in no way in the time since, even in a backstage interview earlier on tonight's episode, did we get any indication that Mahal's proteges in Indus Sher would accompany him, but when entrance time came, there were the behemoth Sanga and Veer after all. But it wasn't just that up-and-coming tag team that Rollins would have to keep an eye on aside from his opponent. It didn't take too long at all for SeƱor Money In the Bank Damian Priest to make his way to ringside as well, allowing for the specter of a cash-in to loom over the match. When Priest eyed an opportunity, however, as he rose to his feet, seemingly thinking about making a move, Drew McIntyre emerged from the crowd to neutralize that threat, and those two battled their way to the back.

As the referee's eyes were focused on the departing McIntyre and Priest, Veer leveled Rollins with the Money In the Bank briefcase and Mahal hit the Khallas on Rollins for a near fall. Ultimately, Indus Sher would be ejected from ringside, and a dejected Mahal went for a second Khallas, only to be reversed by Rollins who finished the match with a Stomp to hang on to his title once again.