Backstage Update On The Status Of AEW Star Kenny Omega

Last month, AEW star Kenny Omega publicly revealed that he was dealing with a case of diverticulitis and would be out of action indefinitely. Today's edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter features an update on Omega's condition, with Dave Meltzer reporting that, as of last week, Omega had yet to undergo surgery.

At the time his diverticulitis was discovered, the inflammation was so severe that it was determined Omega could not safely undergo surgery. As a result, Omega will rest and heal for another seven weeks, at which point it will be decided whether he needs surgery or not. If Omega does have to go under the knife, it would very likely keep him out for significant additional time. 

According to Meltzer, Omega is still being advertised for AEW's March 20 date in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Based on Meltzer's report, it's unrealistic to expect Omega to be ready to wrestle by then, and the journalist said he does not expect the former AEW World Champion to appear at all. Right now, there is not believed to be an expected date for Omega's return to AEW.

When word broke regarding Omega's condition, it was revealed that he had been feeling sick for about a week before going to the hospital, and he had wrestled during that time. Omega credited doctors for realizing something was not right and getting him the help he needed. With Omega out, AEW's Tony Khan had to shift plans around, canceling the planned AEW World Tag Team Championship match involving Omega and Chris Jericho against Ricky Starks and Big Bill. That match was later re-scheduled with Sammy Guevara stepping in for the injured star.