Bully Ray Explains How He'd Book The Young Bucks As Heels In AEW

When the Young Bucks made their return to AEW on the January 10 "AEW Dynamite," fans saw them appear with an entirely new look, and they challenged Sting and Darby Allin for Sting's last match at Revolution on March 3. On Wednesday's episode, the Bucks' heel turn was cemented, and they demanded Renee Paquette call them Nicholas and Matthew Jackson. They continued to build the feud with Sting, while taking shots at the "toxicity" that leaked into the AEW locker room. On Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray took a shot at booking the Bucks as heels in the company.

"I think I would have the Bucks go out there in front of the people and say, 'You know what we started this place and we had this place on the right track,'" he said. "'And then it all started to go to hell and then this happened, and this happened and then Cody left. And Cody left because of all you people. You're the people that drove Cody out of here and once we saw that happen, we decided to use you. We used you and we used Tony Khan. And you know what? Maybe we should have signed with the WWE.' Those people would go insane."

Bully said it would have the same end result as the Bucks' promo, where they insinuated CM Punk was a cancer in AEW. He called it "heat for the sake of heat." Bully said the story would work, because eventually, someone would come to the company's rescue and stand up to the Bucks. He said that could possibly be FTR, the Gunns, or even a team like Private Party. It could, however, all be to hype Sting's final match. "Maybe they're just building to the Sting match. Maybe that's it. Maybe they just want to get so much heat on the Bucks that if Sting and Darby go over, it's that much bigger of a response," Bully said.