Booker T Clarifies His Remarks About Naming Five Of AEW Star HOOK's Matches

HOOK is considered to be one of AEW's biggest breakout stars, and his win-loss record is one of the testaments to that. However, his booking was recently criticized by Booker T after Tony Khan's social media spat where he compared HOOK to Jinder Mahal. On his "Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker clarified why he used Hook's win-loss record to make a point.

Booker notably asked whether anyone remembered a match HOOK won, despite his impressive record, and in response a fan sent a SuperChat asking him whether he remembers any of Mahal's wins. "I don't remember five of Jinder's wins. I know that's been the story out there when I said that about HOOK, but I didn't say that about HOOK in a negative way, I was talking about Tony Khan." The veteran continued, explaining he intended to emphasize how with a win streak the length of HOOK's, he should be a household name by now. To clarify, he explained where Mahal's career makes an important distinction.

"When he won the world title, I don't remember a match he won before that and I don't remember a match he won after that. But when he won the world title, there was a moment for him, and that's what this business is about: moments." Additionally, Booker also commented on HOOK's recent match with Samoa Joe and praised Joe for making HOOK look good. Booker lastly urged the tribalism to stop and pointed out how he would gain nothing out of putting a young star down. "Why would I — me personally — want to say anything negative about a young kid getting into this business? That's not me."

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