Bruce Prichard Recalls Only Issue He Ever Had Working With Batista In WWE

Throughout his wrestling and acting careers, Dave Bautista has developed a reputation as a kind soul, exemplified by acts like helping older dogs find new homes. Speaking on a recent episode of "Something To Wrestling With," longtime WWE producer Bruce Prichard backed up Bautista's positive reputation. Prichard did recall one time that Bautista had an attitude issue but explained how the WWE Hall of Famer later made the situation right.

"It was an autograph signing, and Dave was in a particularly bad mood," Prichard continued. "Dave was really rude to some kids and some parents. That's one of those [situations] where I say, 'You never know who your audience is.'"

According to the WWE producer, the affected boys had just experienced the death of their father and one child in particular had viewed Bautista as a hero of his. Prichard said that the affected fans were reluctant to make a complaint about Bautista but the boys' mother ended up speaking to him about the situation, and several WWE personnel were witnesses to the incident.

"We got to TV and I [spoke to] Dave," Prichard continued. "I said, 'Man, we're gonna make it right.' And he says, 'Oh, trust me. I'll make it right.'"

All Prichard had to do was remind Bautista how much value fans placed on performers like himself and the future "Guardians of the Galaxy" star went above and beyond making sure to make it up to the affected fans. Along with apologizing to the family's mother at the next show they attended, Bautista spent time with the kids, posed for plenty of pictures, signed autographs, and made sure they all left with plenty of free merch.

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