Josh Barnett Weighs In On Idea Of WWE And UFC Team-Up

It's been four months since the merger between WWE and Endeavor became official, putting WWE and UFC under the same umbrella. So far, however, there's been minimal interaction between the two sides, even as some continue to speculate what it would look like if WWE and UFC worked more closely together, including having UFC talents work in WWE or WWE talents work in UFC.

That possibility is something that interests Josh Barnett, the pro wrestler and MMA fighter who has competed for UFC, and most recently has gotten notoriety for promoting "Bloodsport." In an appearance on "Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw," Barnett was asked about WWE and UFC potentially working together and said it was something he'd like to see, though he expressed skepticism towards it happening.

"There is definitely something that can be done there," Barnett said. "I just don't know that there's that person that can fully integrate or make use of it, outside of guys showing up at each other's events in the crowds, which that's good. It's publicity in and of itself for each individual promotion, but how do you really capitalize on that? 

"I think on one end, maybe the intention is just that people think of them of being in the same market so to speak, and so they can do things like have each other's athletes show up and stuff, or have people make guest appearances to talk about or be on camera. But really, it's just about a portfolio around investment instead of anything else. But...being a guy that does both and sees both as being really part of the same system, yeah I'd like to see how that could be better exploited for the athletes and for the promotions themselves."

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