Mark Henry On Whether Or Not Fans Will See Seth Rollins At WWE WrestleMania 2024

Seth Rollins is an injured man with a target on his back. Rollins suffered a torn MCL in a recent title defense against Jinder Mahal on "WWE Raw," which has thrown plans for WrestleMania into chaos. On last night's "Raw," a teary-eyed Rollins said he was taking things day-by-day, but promised to be at WrestleMania. "Busted Open Radio" co-host Mark Henry said he never counted Seth out, even with an injury.

"Yes [I think Seth will be at WrestleMania]," Henry said, hesitant to manifest any ill outcome with his prediction. "Seth is a soldier, a warrior in every sense of the word and he's willing to sacrifice his body for the business of pro wrestling and it'll look somber and it'll look like he's gonna hand that title over but you're a 'gosh darn idjit' as Yosemite Sam would say, if you think that's gonna happen. He will risk bodily harm for the business. Seth Rollins is gonna suck it up."

Henry drew on his own history as a WWE star, saying that when he wrestled, playing with pain was just part of the wrestler's mindset, especially when taking time off means that an equally qualified peer could end up usurping Rollins' position. "There's so many people just as qualified as I am to go and do the job. Why in the hell would I let them have that opportunity?" Henry asked. "Seth Rollins isn't gonna allow it ... I know who he is. I look in the mirror and I see him every day. I would not let nobody come and take my spot unless I really couldn't go."

Seth Rollins is double-tough

Henry believes that if Seth already has to get surgery, he'll simply put it off until he's accomplished what he needs to. While the Hall of Famer thinks there are options at WWE's disposal should Rollins not be able to continue, he doesn't think Rollins will let them go forward with those plans if he can compete in any way.

"Seth Rollins is double-tough and I just know he's gonna suck it up and go and I hope that he can manage it without there being any pain or doing more damage to himself," Henry said. "If he don't go, that means that it's worse than we thought."

Rollins was reportedly set to collide with the newly returned CM Punk, who had been a thorn in Rollins' side since his comeback at Survivor Series: War Games, with plans now reportedly up in the air. Rollins was confronted by Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER on last night's "Raw," while Punk traded barbs with his Royal Rumble opponent Cody Rhodes.