Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Reflects On WWE & The Wrestling Business At Large

Yesterday, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson joined the board of directors at TKO Group Holdings, and he admittedit feels like the greatest blessing to be in that role, because wrestling gave him the life that he now has. "As life can come full circle as it has, for me in this way sitting on the board, the WWE publicly traded, back then with my grandfather and my dad they were paycheck to paycheck guys living hardcore," he said to ESPN. "Here we are and here I am on this board, again a table that they helped build." While there is focus on whether or not Johnson will wrestle again at some point, being on the board provides him with the opportunity to truly impact and grow the company generally, which is what his main goal is after taking on the role, even if he does end up competing against Roman Reigns.

"I love this business, I love pro wrestling, I love WWE. But also, I have this deep passion to grow it, and to build it, and if we're going to do something like this I want the world to watch," he said on a possible match against "The Tribal Chief." Johnson also spoke about WWE's global footprint, which he is proud of the company for achieving. That's something that is only going to continue growing with the upcoming focus on international premium live events

"There are places to go, there are people to bring in and reach," he said. "I mean this respectfully because these performers have worked so incredibly hard in growing the company of WWE, but again, if the ambition is there — and our ambition is there, not only on the TKO side, but me personally because I love the business."

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