Why Shelton Benjamin Says WWE's Hurt Business Stable Was A 'Breath Of Fresh Air'

While he was sadly released from WWE during the last wave of releases, Shelton Benjamin was a part of one of the most dominating factions in recent history: The Hurt Business. Appearing on "The Kurt Angle Show," Benjamin recalled why the faction worked so well, and described it as "a breath of fresh air." Benjamin first recalled how they were all paired during the Pandemic, and revealed that they all meshed together seamlessly because they're friends outside of wrestling.

"We're actually friends, we actually consult with each other, we actually joke with each other. So, when they started having us work together it was like work became really fun again because I was doing stuff with my friends." Continuing, Benjamin explained how the idea for them all to wear suits came from MVP, and how he initially wanted to just wear jeans and a sports jacket, but Vince McMahon eventually asked them all to don suits. Lastly, he explained that before The Hurt Business, he was frustrated with his career. "At that time of my career, when I was extremely frustrated, it came in as a breath of fresh air and the fact that it was getting over despite not having a crowd." 

Benjamin noted they never intended to get their faction over based on race, but that he was proud of the representation The Hurt Business brought for People of Color. "We all take a lot of pride in being able to represent People of Color in such a positive light. Also, doing so without having to beat people over the head with our race."

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