WWE Employees Reportedly Hopeful This Former Exec Will Return After Vince McMahon Exit

It's been a week of turmoil and shake-ups in WWE, culminating in the announcement last night that Vince McMahon was stepping away from his position as Executive Chairman. Following that news, it has been reported that TKO may look to clear out longtime backstage personnel who had a close relationship with McMahon. However, according to a new report from PWInsider Elite, some backstage hope McMahon's departure means another family member will return to the company — Stephanie McMahon.

After many years with the company in various roles, including Chief Brand Officer, McMahon announced she would be taking a leave of absence in May 2022. A short time later, reports emerged accusing her father of sexual misconduct, and McMahon returned to serve as interim CEO before becoming co-CEO alongside Nick Khan. However, shortly after Vince made his return to the WWE Board of Directors in January 2023, Stephanie stepped down from her role once again.

The new report states that it's unclear what role McMahon would serve within WWE or TKO should she be brought back into the fold. However, there are at least some people backstage within WWE who hope to see it happen.

While it's undeniable that her father is a controversial figure, those in WWE seem to have consistently positive things to say about Stepanie. Former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston praised McMahon following her resignation last year, while also noting that she had earned a happy retirement. Additionally, workers in WWE's Connecticut headquarters reportedly experienced higher morale under Stephanie's regime compared to a more chaotic situation under Vince.