Jey Uso Discusses Singles Run & His Ceiling Wrestling Solo In WWE

For the overwhelming majority of his career so far, Jey Uso has performed as a tag competitor. However, that began to change last year after Jey had an onscreen falling out with his brother and tag partner Jimmy Uso. Since then, "Main Event" Jey Uso has found singles success on "WWE Raw." During a recent interview with TNT Sports, Uso offered his thoughts on his ongoing solo run.

"[It's been] pretty scary, cool, fun — all of the above," Uso said. "I [didn't] know how the people would embrace me. ... Are they gonna like me, uce? Man, they might not like me. But lately, uce, I feel like they finally got behind your boy, and I can feel that energy every single Monday."

Uso then said he believes his years of hard work are paying off, and the fans have recognized all of his efforts. It was during the COVID-19 pandemic that Uso feels he began deepening his relationship with the fans, as he underwent a great deal of character development during his time with and split from The Bloodline. Since then, Uso has been working to adjust to life as a singles performer.

"The biggest difference, for me, is the traveling part of my job," Uso continued. "I travel alone now, when I'm usually when my twin brother all these years, [or] even with Solo for the last year and a half. ... Now it's just me, navigating through the world alone."

How High Will Jey Uso Rise?

In addition to discussing the different lifestyle associated with being a singles wrestler, Uso also talked about how high he thinks he might be able to rise within the division. It's no secret that the company is filled with massive stars, especially at the moment, but Uso has kept his sights held high.

"I want to definitely hold the big one, man," Uso said. "Get my first singles championship. The Intercontinental Championship is something real big that I would like to try to strive for, man. GUNTHER's holding that, and I feel like me and GUNTHER could really have a pay-per-view type quality match here that people would like to see."

For now, however, Uso is focused on putting in the work, as his ally Cody Rhodes likes to say. The former tag champion said that he tries to make the best of any TV time he's given, and he has passed that advice on to the younger stars on the WWE roster.

Overall, the WWE star is confident that his becoming a singles performer was the right career move. Uso pointed out that he just wrestled a singles match against Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship last month — something that wouldn't have been possible during the previous stage of his career. Looking ahead, Uso named Drew McIntyre, Sami Zayn, and GUNTHER as people he's excited to tell stories with going forward.