Big E And Kofi Kingston Reflect On Classic New Day WWE Royal Rumble Moment

Throughout his WWE career, Kofi Kingston has garnered notoriety both for his unforgettable KofiMania run in 2019 and his penchant for incredible escapes during his appearances in the Royal Rumble. While several of those great escapes involved Kingston's own individual effort, he's also occasionally gotten help from his friends, Big E and Xavier Woods, in the New Day. That was particularly the case duringĀ the 2018 Rumble, when Woods and Big E basked tossed Kingston back into the ring to save him from elimination.

Appearing on WWE'sĀ "The Bump" last week, the trio reflected on the moment, which Big E considered their best Royal Rumble moment as a unit.

"I still come back to the basket toss," Big E said. "Because I love that it was your idea Woods, and it was something from your background, something you did as a cheerleader. And it's something that we got to do together. All the moments we get to do together are my favorites. So that was a lot of fun for the one that we had together."

An emotional Kingston concurred with Big E, believing that the moment symbolized what New Day has come to represent since forming ten years ago this July. He also loves it because he still can't believe how much air Woods and Big E gave him on the toss.

"To go over Jinder [Mahal]...they threw me high," Kingston said. "So was so high. So like, half of me was just impressed that we succeeded in doing it, and I was just like 'Oh my god.' But then just the overall symbolism of the entirety of what happened there just represents that we represent."

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