Bruce Prichard Says These Two WWE Stars Were 'Game For Everything'

For a time in the late 2000s, the biggest onscreen power couple in WWE was none other than Edge and Vickie Guerrero. The two future AEW stars would take a stranglehold over "SmackDown" in late 2007, with Edge winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, while Guerrero ran the blue brand as general manager. The two would even form their own stable, La Familia, with Chavo Guerrero, Curt Hawkins, and Zack Ryder as members, and would remain associated even after the stable disbanded, until "divorcing" in 2009.

On the latest episode of "Something to Wrestle With," Bruce Prichard, who was a member of the creative team during Edge and Guerrero's run, reminisced about the duo's run. A big supporter of the power couple, Prichard believes Edge and Guerrero did so well together because they were willing to do anything to get the angle over.

"They were game for everything," Prichard said. "And there was nothing...I cannot give you one example of them ever saying no to any idea that was presented to them. And everything that they did, they went in with a huge smile on their face, and they did it, they did it to perfection. They usually did it a lot better than you could've hoped or imagined. 

"As you picture it in your mind, you say 'Hey can you do this?' 'Yes, I can do that, and I'll do that. Great. As a matter of fact, what if we did this?' And they got it, and you felt that through the screen because there was was two talents that really wanted to take it to the next level. And they did."

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